About BC Parks Foundation


BC has a world class parks system that is the envy of many. This parks system will become increasingly important over time for so many reasons. Our parks not only protect important cultural, ecological, and spiritual values, they can serve as the foundation for important research, provide unparalleled recreational opportunities, inspire British Columbia and serve as a wild legacy for future generations.

BC’s world class parks are core to what it means to be British Columbian. Our parks will become ever more important for protecting ecological, cultural and inspirational values. They will serve as venues for crucial scientific research, provide unparalleled recreational opportunities, and serve as a wild legacy for future generations.

The future health and vibrancy of our parks system and its ability to serve British Columbians well, is a shared responsibility. Activities that build on the core work of government, communities, First Nations, conservation and recreation organizations and the public can play a valuable role to play in enhancing the environmental, recreational, and educational potential of our parks.


A parks system deeply valued and protected by British Columbians for generations to come.


To attract and encourage British Columbians and others to contribute to enhancement of the ecological, recreational, cultural and educational values of BC’s world class parks system.


The purposes of the BC Parks Foundation are:

  1. Protecting our parks including strategic land acquisition, funding for ecological and cultural conservation and restoration projects, and funding research projects aimed at better understanding biological and ecological diversity and how to better respond and adapt to climate change.
  2. Connecting people to our parks including funding for educational and cultural programming, collaborative marketing campaigns, and programs that will lead to increasing attendance, increasing accessibility for persons with disabilities, and attracting new park users.
  3. Inspiring people to become stewards of our parks including volunteer programs, engaging and inspiring youth and harnessing British Columbians’ passion for wild spaces.
  4. Enhancing the ability to harness the full potential of our parks including strategic infrastructure enhancements (e.g. field research stations) and programs directed at increasing visitor experience and their understanding of the history of our parks, their cultural importance, and the scientific opportunities associated with them.