Okanagan Mountain

Okanagan Mountain


Okanagan Mountain 

Crowdfunding Goal Reached 

I am glad to let you know that through your generosity all funds have been secured and the property will be protected.  Wildlife and threatened species in the area will have a home free from disturbance and people will be able to enjoy the viewscape and health/recreational benefits--- forever. 

This is fantastic news and I want to recognize everyone who contributed, whether through donations, sharing the campaign, volunteering, or media.   Every paddle stroke carried the canoe closer to our destination, no matter the size, shape or colour.    

 I wanted to give special thanks to Colin Pritchard for his passion and active involvement in contributing and raising funds, the Wilson 5 Foundation, and to special donors Cynthia and Paul Rodgers, who helped carry it across the finish line.  We also want to thank our partners at the Central Okanagan Land Trust, Southern Interior Land Trust, Okanagan Nation Alliance, BC Parks, and Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program.

I also wanted to thank everyone who made wishes for nature to our Wishing Tree-   when people wish alone it is only a dream, but when people wish together, magic happens.

This land will be protected forever because of the spirit of people like you, who care about BC and want to keep it beautiful.  You are the source of the magic and result.

Please take a moment to feel proud of what you have accomplished, and to celebrate this wonderful news.  It’s a wonderful gift you have made together--- one that will keep giving to species and people now and in the future.  Thank you!

Yours Truly,

 Andy - CEO BC Parks Foundation 

Okanagan Mountain 

Together you have reached the crowdfunding target and protected all 151.7 acres of remarkably beautiful and ecological significance habitat. This property is surrounded by Okanagan Mountain Park, and holds a cherished place in the heart of British Columbia's interior. 

Map of Okanagan Lake showing where the property is located

Okanagan Mountain Park is located within the traditional territory of the Westbank First Nation and Penticton Indian Band near Kelowna in the interior of BC.


The purchase helps support and kick off a larger campaign by the Okanagan Nation Alliance and the Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program to create a wildlife corridor that runs 65 kilometres to Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. That is part of a larger vision to continue a corridor down into Washington State.

Dixon Terbasket is the Cultural Coordinator with the Okanagan Nation Alliance. He sees the corridor and the protection of lands in it as essential to survival. "If we block the animals...we're slowly going to peter out the numbers, the numbers are going to decrease, and we're not going to have any more."

The Okanagan is home to one of the most vulnerable ecosystems in Canada, with a significant concentration of threatened species.

Butterflies, turtles, badgers, and dragonflies are only a fraction of the 150+ species who will all have a better chance at long term survival with this land protected and the corridor expanded.

"The park protects a whole host of species at risk" says local resident and University of British Columba Okanagan Professor Emeritus Dr. Ian Walker. "There are elk and mountain goats and bighorn sheep down in the park, as well as cougars and bears. Golden eagles are known to nest in the park. And you just go on and on.


Scott Boswell, Program Manager at Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program emphasizes, "This property is one of the key remaining private properties left along Okanagan Lake. Studies over the last 16 years have shown a steady decline of natural areas around the lake. With continued development, we would see the loss of all natural areas around the lake within a generation or two. Protecting this property is so important for the entire region because it is one of the large fragments that we need to include into the park and to the connectivity to the other parks in the region as well."


To protect this beautiful natural area and ensure it is never developed, we have negotiated an agreement to purchase all 151.7-acres. With dedicated community groups and caring donors, $3.25 million of the $4 million needed has already been raised. You have the opportunity to act now to complete the purchase and close the deal before the clock runs out.



Your gift is helping to protect 25% of BC's land and sea by 2025!

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Once we complete the purchase of the land, we will issue charitable tax receipts for all donations of $20 and over, which can be used to claim charitable tax credits - the more you donate the more you can save! Any excess funds raised will be used to create a Stewardship Fund for long term maintenance of this property or on our next Parks Bank initiative.

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Photography Credit: © Ian Walker