What we do

Wildlife Forever

Furthering the ecological integrity and resilience of parks 

British Columbia contains more biodiversity than anywhere else in North America and is home to over 75 per cent of Canada’s mammals. With the increasing pressures of climate change, park usership and other stress factors, we are seeing impacts on wildlife and other values that parks were established to protect. As a result, there is a need to develop a deeper understanding of our parks and how we can protect and enhance them into the future.

Our Wildlife Forever program uses various forms of data collection including remote wildlife cameras, eDNA and citizen science initiatives to grow our understanding of the state of B.C.'s parks. These combined tactics and technological advances are leading to unprecedented levels of observations which help to inform management decisions and engage a critical network of park stewards throughout the province. 

By combining insights from new big data analytics technology, we can create more holistic views of wildlife and their habitats, along with lasting conservation outcomes.


2019 Results

  • Over 114,000 new observations made in parks by citizen scientists
  • More than 2,000 individual citizen scientiests actively uploading observations 
  • Knowledge of the threats facing key species - mainly climate change - is being continuously updated and is contributing to the development of mitigation measures, recovery plans and management strategies.


Thank you to our Wildlife Forever program partners:


Healthy By Nature

Increasing access to the health benefits of nature 

Children today spend an average of 7-8 hours per day in front of screens. All this screen time has been linked to increasing rates of obesity, ADHD, anxiety, spinal malformations and strained social relations. 
The Canadian Chief Public Health Officer recently said that active play outdoors is essential for healthy child development. A growing body of scientific evidence confirms that when humans interact with nature, they become healthier and more productive. 
Healthy By Nature exists to increase access to the health benefits of nature through awareness, park prescriptions, designed outdoor spaces and research. We know people from many communities have barriers to getting outside, so Healthy By Nature raises awareness of the health benefits and makes it easy, fun and rewarding to spend time in nature.

Visit the Healthy By Nature website for more information: www.healthybynature.ca


2019 Results

  • More than 1,000 British Columbians, including children, seniors and new Canadians, had the opportunity to get outside and unplugged.


Thank you to our Healthy By Nature program partners:

Live 5-2-1-0      Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment       

Discover Parks

Inspiring British Columbians and guests to discover, experience and care for nature 

BC’s world-class parks are not only the backbone of our tourism economy, but also serve as a haven for family time, recreation, education, inspiration, culture and personal fulfillment. In 2018/2019, BC’s parks had over 26 million visits – an increase of nearly five million over five years. While it’s great that more people are getting outside, some of our natural areas are under pressure due to increasing visitation.

Discover Parks brings together nature, art, technology and culture to connect people to nature. Park ambassadors, self guided trails and other new activations will help spread the word about stewardship and provide engaging experiences for park visitors.

Our work creating unique and authentic visitor experiences will help transfer knowledge between generations while building pride and stewardship in our parks. We are showcasing British Columbia by British Columbians, telling our unique stories to our children and the world.


2019 Results

  • Built the first Story Trail in British Columbia.

The Parks Bank of British Columbia

Expanding and enhancing park lands and infrastructure 

BC’s parks are more than just beautiful places that we enjoy, that drive our economy, and that are at the core of who we are as British Columbians. They also provide essential life support functions for us and other species.

Because of increasing pressures like climate change and park visitation, it is more important than ever to add new parkland, fund restoration and create corridors between parks so animals can survive in case of things like fire, disease or habitat loss. 

The Parks Bank of British Columbia serves as a way to fund the enhancement of BC’s parks, beyond government responsibilities. The fund will support organizations building and maintaining facilities like huts, trails, bridges, docks and toilets. It will also support the Foundation in facilitating the purchase or receipt of lands that we can transfer into a protected status with the support of land trusts and other organizations.


2019 Results

  • More than 800 hectares of land was protected in Princess Louisa Inlet. It is one of the first crowdfunded parks in the world
  • A new park was created on Cowichan Lake
  • New facilities are being created in Gwillim, Drumbeg, Mount Robson and Ancient Forest/Chun T’oh Whudujut Provincial Parks.

Parks for Everyone. Forever.

Empowering British Columbians to pass on their legacy through parks 

The Parks Legacy Fund was created so that together we can continue to enhance and protect our parks system, forever. With five levels, there is an option for everyone to become a park supporter.

  • Become an Expedition Supporter by donating up to $1,000
  • Become a Trailhead Supporter by donating up to $10,000
  • Become a Basecamp Supporter by donating up to $50,000
  • Become a Mountaineer Supporter by donating up to $250,000
  • Become a Peak Supporter by donating over $250,000

A permanent Parks Legacy Fund will provide a stable, lasting foundation to protect, enhance, connect, inspire and sustain the best parks system in the world through the BC Parks Foundation's programs and campaigns.

Join our adventure today or email gifts@bcparksfoundation.ca.


2019 Results

  • Thousands of park supporters from across British Columbia and globally showed their love and appreciation for B.C.'s parks by giving to our Foundation.